Thursday, December 23, 2004

Crapping hell.

Okay, now I can't even post to Glitter. This day sucks. Every time I try and post (or try to send a private message to Tsia about how I can't post), I get weird error messages So no Glitter love and/or commiseration for me. :(

More words.

So anyway, I called VCA today to find out if I'd been made an offer for entry to the BFA in Printmaking, because I hadn't received any mail from them at all, and was told during my interview that I'd definitely hear something before Christmas.

And they told me that I hadn't been made an offer, but they don't send out those letters for another few weeks.

Hell, I was expecting maybe a B letter (meaning the possibility of a second round offer), but not complete. fucking. rejection.

And this was the only course I applied for. Actually, it was the only course that I could afford to apply for. I would have liked to apply for Drawing or Painting at VCA as well, but at $50 a pop, the applications didn't come cheap... and applying to any other university would have meant paying a VTAC fee, so I just applied for the one I most wanted.

Now I don't know what to do, and I don't understand how this happened, and my head's all sore from the crying. :( :( :(

I only have three words.

Fuck you VCA.