Sunday, February 06, 2005

Where's Crumpy?

I've had some people ask where I am lately, so I found this map. I'm living in a place called Wadeye (or Port Keats), the little red star on that map, until the 26th of February. Here's a closer map of the area. Wadeye (pronounced Wad-air) is part of Aboriginal land in the Daly River Region. The town itself is inland, but it's a fairly short drive to the coastline. You need special permission from the Aboriginal people of Wadeye to come here, and I'm working at the school helping my sister (a teacher) with her year 12 class. It's the first time they have ever done year 12 here, which is pretty exciting. I help out with computers and art, and am also helping develop a website for the class as they'll be running an art business as part of their coursework this year.

Anyway, as I'm pretty far away from everything, and Wadeye is a town with a general store, a medical clinic, a school, a police station, a tiny airport (you have to fly here in the wet season as the road to Darwin gets cut off by flooding) and not much else, I bought along lots of yarn to keep me occupied. This week I've started on a cabled vest from one of my mum's '70's patterns. Because, of course, I want to Be a Vest Dressed Girl. :p

Here's the progress so far:

And because we've been doing printmaking in class, I've also been working on a lino print:

We don't have a printing press, so I've been busy trying to come up with the best way to print this. I haven't quite succeeded yet, but I'm getting there. Hopefully I'll have some better copies of the print in a week or so.

In other art news, I didn't win anything in the Linden Postcard show, but as they had something like 2900 entries (according to my mother), that's not really surprising. Apparently I Hart Wayne is hanging in a really good spot though, and I'm looking forward to seeing the show when I get home. Hopefully my works will also have some little red 'sold' dots by then as well!


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