Wednesday, March 16, 2005

OMG... I updated my site!

Yes, the rumours are true. I actually, finally have updated my site.

I've added some more paintings and drawings to CrumpArt in the art section, including my four entries to the 2005 Linden Postcard Show, now that the real life show is about to end. I'll be adding some new pages to my shopping section tomorrow, so stay tuned and keep your wallets at the ready...

Speaking of wallets and shopping and people buying paintings, I received my cheque today from my old high school, for the sale of my Theodora painting. Woot! Mucho goodness. I actually sold my biggest, most expensive painting (well, I Hart Wayne is more expensive, but technically it's an embroidery, not a painting), and it now has a very fitting home. I didn't want to sell that one to just anyone, and it's somewhere that it can be appreciated by many.

Anyway, that's it for now. Damn work and getting up early...


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