Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Spiderweb Capelet #2

Apparently Gorte asked what I was knitting, so I thought I'd take a picture. Hi Gorte! :)

So here's my second Spiderweb Capelet from Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation. I love this pattern, so much so that I actually don't need to look at the pattern while knitting anymore. This one is the same JJs mohair yarn as the last one I knit, but it's in the Lavender colourway instead of my beloved Fireball. This one is a gift for someone, and I'm knitting it on 12mm needles instead of 10mm. I'm also going to knit one for my niece on the 10mm needles, but less wide, as she's only eight and therefore tiny.

I actually started this on the tram this afternoon, but was so excited to see someone else knitting on public transport (on tiny bamboo DPNs with tiny, very pretty yarn, so I think she was possibly knitting socks... in a 2x2 rib... yes, I'm a knitting nerd... I also spent a lot of time geeking out over the few knitted garments in House of Flying Daggers before my tram trip, but back to the story...) that I cast 92 stitches, then knit a row onto the wrong needles, and had to frog the whole thing when I realised. And even after just one row, mohair is a bitch to frog...


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