Saturday, March 26, 2005

Mucho rebirth...

I've had a busy time this week. Mostly due to being called by work every. single. day. though than actually accomplishing much. I thought I was "casual", not "on call", but what can you do...

I have managed to get a few bits and pieces done -- I needed to in order to stay sane...

First up, I've finally taken photos of my booty from the Joss Whedon swap on Craftster -- yay! I got a groovy Firefly bag and some very fun Firefly magnets that are now living on my fridge. :)

Next up I finished a hat that I originally made for myself. I wore it a few times before I realised it looked awful. Anyway, it had some eyelet patterning around the edges, so I threaded through some pretty ribbon and yarn, and attached a pompom to the top. I'm giving it to my niece for her birthday, so hopefully it will fit okay and she won't hate it.

I also had some fun making a little doily to sit under my African Violet in the bathroom. It used to sit on a skanky face-washer, so this is a damn sight better. It felt a little strange knitting a lace pattern just for it to be covered up, but I wanted to have some fun. The yarn is some Katia Idea Jeans that I bought in December 2003 when I was first learning to knit, and it has such a beautiful sheen. I used the spiderweb pattern stitch from SnBN coupled with some dropped YOs to make it look all purty. I also knit it in two pieces as a grafting challenge for myself. I don't really know if I did it properly, but it's staying together and that's the main thing. :)

Here it is on its lonesome:

And here it is in its new home. Note the pretty origami flutterby on the violet, and also the Jesus cyclamen (it rose from the dead too...)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Yay! My site is back up again, and someone told me I was beautiful on the tram. Apparently they weren't trying to hit on me, but thought that I deserved to know. :)

Monday, March 21, 2005

Crap -- my site seems to not be working at the moment...